About Dead Bunny Educational

Dead Bunny is a teaching mascot who started his career spreading the joy of prepositions to writing students. He then decided to focus on math and writing issues in the hopes of helping students everywhere understand and enjoy both subjects.

Rebecca Thomas, the unnatural force of nature behind Dead Bunny, taught pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry for several years in the Greater Seattle area, but has since moved on in both career and geographical location. She has never given up her love of showing off cool applications of math to anyone who’ll listen…or at least won’t run away…and actively champions the fight against math anxiety.


This site has been discontinued. Feel free to visit the video archive if you’re looking for math help.


One thought on “About Dead Bunny Educational

  1. Hi! I’m a nontraditional college student earning my elementary credential. Even though I have a science major and a reading minor, I’m finding I really enjoy teaching math to kids. Your title caught my eye and I looked to see why you named your site that! Clever and interesting.

    Thanks for the ideas and insight. Here’s to math teaching!!

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